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Recognize: What We Do



We work with community partners of all sizes. If you're ready to make a positive difference in your area, contact us to start the brainstorming process.





We share the stories of the heroes too busy to tell the tales themselves. We provide video coverage and other social media content to great organizations that don't have the internal budget for this crucial piece of non-profit marketing.

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Basic Awareness

Short, but sweet, video content and social media campaign sharing the story of an organization, and how they benefit the community.

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Advanced awareness

A more detailed cinematic video piece about an organization, with dramatic personalization to show first-hand how they impact the community.

Strategic social media campaign targeted to assist the organization/individual in an active fundraising campaign. 

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Inspire greatness in your community by telling the story of a deserving organization or individual, and surprise them, on camera to capture the raw emotion, with a gift of recognition caught on camera. An experience unlike anything else, shared with your friends and followers forever.

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