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Our Mission is to Compose, Recognize, and Support Good.

Combining smart data with kindness to change the world


We specialize in creating moments that make you smile. We do this in a four ways:

1.  We work with nonprofit organizations to identify their crucial needs, and then find community and corporate donors who are passionate to help meet those needs.

2. We establish a network of trust between NPO's in need, and corporations/private donors who want to help, but may not know where to start or how organizations will use their donations effectively. 

3.  We share the stories of everyday heroes by providing media coverage to great organizations so that their community can learn more about what they're up to, and how best to help them reach their goals.

4.  In collaboration with our corporate partners and donors like you, we work directly on positive projects in the community. To see some of our recent projects, click on the link.




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