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Compose: What We Do
Combining Analytics and Kindness
to Change the World

Our system helps nonprofits succeed, matching their specific needs with channels of support, and improving their operational efficiencies to achieve sustainability. 

Our Evaluation Process

We're always working to help organizations improve their efficiency.  


Below, you can read more about our process for identifying needs within an organization, and how we work with our corporate partners and caring individuals to help them.

We'll also break down our storytelling process and how we help heroes catch their community's eye in engaging ways.


We start with an on-site tour of an organization and a conversation with their leaders to fully understand their mission.

Some of this work is done under-cover so that we can evaluate organizations honestly.

Data Diving

We collect as much data about the organization as possible.

While we trust organizations to provide accurate data internally most of the time, we use third-party information when available.

We end this process by seeing how effectively the organization's programs address their mission statement and if they're spending time and money efficiently. 



Using all available data, we look to generate analytics-driven solutions for the non-profit organization.

This process can help evaluate what's working, what might need tweaking, and where donor help can make the biggest difference.


We start by bringing ideas from our evaluation process back to the organization.


If a strong need that can only be met by a private donor is identified:

We meet with community donors who have an interest in supporting the NPO's mission.

Why So Much Data?

Numbers usually don't lie. We know that the non-profit world has millions of passionate people who care deeply about the causes they support. By using data, we can help NPO's get the most out of every volunteer hour & dollar donated.

So, What "Analytics" Do You Use?

Every NPO is different, so we evaluate every NPO differently.

To help evaluate and identify needs, we first meet with team leaders to personalize their mission.

These are the basics we always start with:

Website Traffic

-Organic Search vs. Social Referral

-Session Duration

-Bounce Rate

-Keyword Usage vs. Visitor Search Inquiries  

-Adwords Campaign/Usage

-Donor/ Volunteer Conversion Rate


-Email Open Rate

-Email Click Through Rate

-Email Conversion Rate

-Genuine Donor Recognition 

Donor Info

-Donor Retention Rate

-Donation Process Quality

-Wealth Markers

- Giving Information

-Business Affiliation

-Donor Demographics 

Revenue Reliability

-Recurring Gift Sources

-Surplus Expectancy

-Cost Per Dollar Raised 

Want to know more specifics?

A Heart Worth Working For

Give your donors confidence by earning the Orchestrating Good Heart, a physical decal for your location and a PNG file to display on your website.

Small Purple Heart (1).png


About a difference-maker in the community


A need within the organization


The organization's story in a compelling way, showing their impact


With the community to help the organization with that need and grow their message

Make Good

Things Happen.

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