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Thank you to all of the talented artists who submitted artwork in our first Art Contest!


Meet the winners...



Emilie, 7 from Racine, WI is the winner in the 7 & under age category!

Emilie shared the inspiration for her art, “It is special that Racine has a beach and I really like to go there. A lot of people go to the beach and do fun things! I like to swim, find sea glass, and play in the sand with my family and friends.”

Emilie selected St Johns Lutheran School in Racine, WI to receive a $50 donation in her name. The donation will help the art club.



Emma, 9 from Racine, WI is the winner in the 8 - 12 year old age category!

One of the ways Emma is staying connected to the world is through FaceTime and her teachers’ google classrooms over the laptop, so she began to draw the word “connect” as a cord between two laptops. Then she used her sisters and dogs as models for the people in the scene. She views technology as being the key to staying connected because without it she couldn’t do school or see her friends! But of course quarantine gives her much more time with her own sisters and dogs!

Emma has chosen Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville, IL to receive a $50 donation in her name.


Summer, 15 from Racine, WI is the winner in the 13-18 year old age category!

Summer shared the inspiration for her art, "I was inspired by everyone working together to keep us safe and lending a helping hand during these uncertain times. Even though we are apart, what we do effects others and we are all connected. We are all in this together!"

Summer has chosen H.I.K.E, which stand stands for Hearing Improvement Kid's Endowment, to receive a $50 donation in her name. This non-profit improves many types of hearing devices, such as hearing aids, for kids whose families cannot afford them. HIKE is the philanthropic project for the youth organization called Job's Daughter's which Summer is a part of and holds very true to her heart.

Winners received a $50 cash prize and a $50 donation to the non-profit of their choice.

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